The 7 Salon Career Busters!

  • I need to overcome my fear and overwhelm!
  • I want to start making more money!
  • I want help for managing my inner negative thoughts!
  • I wish I had more support!
  • I need to find new clients quickly!
  • I am ready to improve my business!
  • I want to feel confident creating trending haircolors!

Hair Stylists who communicate with confidence will earn more money, than those who struggle to speak.

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My goal is to help nervous & struggling Hair Stylists reach their artistic and financial goals.

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No fluff. No Crap. No selling.

1.) Get your paper & pen.
2.) Press Play.

This video dives right into the fears, and overwhelm that you are dealing with today.

The video is 45 minutes and is fun, informative, and motivating the entire time.

This event originally aired live on March 31st, '15.